Income for coastal communities for mangrove protection

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This initiative seeks to develop a mechanism enabling investors to responsibly promote mangrove conservation/restoration, carbon emissions reduction and sustainable development through the provision of funding to local communities.  A key purpose of the mechanism is to facilitate flows of funding to smaller mangrove areas in support of environmental externalities where entry into voluntary and compliance markets for carbon is not economically feasible.  The mechanism will also provide an alternative income for fisher folk enabling reduction of fishing effort and regeneration of fish stocks.  Conservation/restoration of mangroves will also support sustainable fisheries management and support rebuilding of fish stocks.  The work thus aims to facilitate mangrove conservation/restoration, replenishment of fish stocks and livelihood development while providing public and corporate entities with an opportunity to invest in climate change mitigation and socio-economic development (Source: Mangroves for the Future 2011).


Biome: Mangroves

Location: Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam

Status: Active

Project type: Demonstration project

Project PartnersMangroves for the Future, UNEP, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Regional Fisheries Livelihood Programme for South and Southeast Asia (RFLP)



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Mangroves for the Future (2011): Proposal Summary – Income for coastal communities for mangrove protection. MFF Draft Proposal 08FEB12.doc. Accessed September 8th, 2012.