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As part of a 3-year partnership with French food and beverage multinational Danone, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Ramsar have been supporting the “Livelihoods Fund”. It is a carbon investment fund that provides investors access to carbon credits with an assurance on biodiversity and community development through large scale and high social impact projects. The fund has a combined endowment of 23 million Euros, to generate 6-11 million tonnes of carbon credits/year within a tenure of 23 years.
Projects under the initiative will be based in developing countries and are vetted by an Advisory Board, of which IUCN is a member. The fund envisages taking up 3-4 projects each within three main programs:

  1. Ecosystem restoration and preservation
  2. Agro-forestry with soil restoration
  3. Rural energy development that will reduce deforestation

There are two ongoing Blue Carbon projects within the fund:

  • Restoration of Mangroves in Sundarbans, India: With the Indian association News, based in Kolkata, Sunderbans communities in the large delta of the Gange, have undertaken an extensive program of planting mangroves to protect farmland and villages against the vagaries of the weather. 1000 ha were planted in 2010 and 5000 ha will be in 2011 and 2012. Besides their protective role, mangroves provide valuable food resources for around 10,000 families.
  • Restoration of Mangroves, Casamance, Senegal: Since 2009, with the Senegalese Association Oceanium, over 100 million mangrove trees were planted on 700 ha in 450 villages in Casamance and Sine Saloum, to replenish their food ecosystem, the fish and shellfish resources, the fight against salinisation of agricultural land . 4000 hectares were planted in 2011. (Source: Livelihoods Fund 2012)


Biome: Mangroves

Locations: Sundarbans, India; Casamance, Senegal

Status: Active

Project Type: Demonstration Project

AreaIndia: 6000 hectares, Senegal: 4700+ hectares

Project Partners: IUCN, Danone



  • James Oliver, IUCN: james.oliver (at)
  • Jean-Pierre Rennaud, Director of the Danone Fund for Nature. Danone / Sustainable Development Department 17 Boulevard Haussmann / F-75009 Paris. Tel: +33 (0)1 44 352 020

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Restoration of Mangroves in Sundarbans 


Restoration of Mangroves, Casamance 


Livelihoods Fund (2012): Our Projects. Accessed September 9th, 2012