Management support to the Palau Northern Reefs area

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The Northern Reefs area includes a large number of marine habitat types, including seagrass beds, algal flats, barrier reefs, fringing reefs, patch reefs, atolls, sunken atoll, lagoon areas, small sand spits/islands, and small volcanic rock islands.

Objective: Create new protected area(s) and Strengthen the management of an existing protected area.

Carbon sequestration is not checked for the area invloved. Since coral reefs, seagrass beds and algal flats are known to store carbon it should be possible to calculate an indicative value if necessary (Source: Lifeweb 2012).


Biome: Seagrass and algae

Location: Palau

Status: Proposed

Project Type: Baseline

Partners: Lifeweb



  • Sebastian Marino, Environmental Response and Coordination (OERC): meiho24 (at)

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Lifeweb (2012): Management support to the Northern Reefs management area. Accessed September 9th, 2012