Abu Dhabi’s Blue Carbon captures media attention

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Abu Dhabi’s Blue Carbon captures media attention

The Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project has captured the attention of the media in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) following the completion of the first field survey of mangroves, salt marsh and sabkha ecosystems in January.

The survey team comprised of international scientists, including experts from EAD, AGEDI, UNEP-WCMC and GRID-Arendal, and a group of volunteers. The data that was collected will be used to assess the carbon stocks and sequestration potential of these coastal ecosystems.

The fieldwork also offered an opportunity to build local capacity in blue carbon assessment through the provision of experience based learning to volunteers, who worked alongside world experts in the field of blue carbon science.

The Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI), supported by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), launched the blue carbon project in 2012. It aims to improve our understanding of carbon sequestration and the other ecosystem services that coastal blue carbon ecosystems provide in Abu Dhabi.

You can read more about the fieldwork from the perspective of one of the volunteers in the next few days on the bluecarbonportal.org!

Mangrove Forest (Peter Prokosch)

Mangrove Forest, Abu Dhabi (Peter Prokosch)

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