Blue Carbon reforestation in Costa Rica

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Blue Carbon reforestation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica aims to be a carbon neutral country by 2021. Is Blue Carbon a part of the answer?

The “Blue Carbon Community” was launched by the Neotrópica Foundation last year. It is a reforestation project that holds around 4000 mangrove trees. It is supported by the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) and the communities of the Osa Peninsula, in the southwestern region of Costa Rica.

An inventory database has also been established to enable the measurement of the amount of carbon stored and sequestrated by blue carbon ecosystems. This will help in the assessment of how carbon fixated by wetlands changes over time at the national scale.

In a video,  a project volunteer explains that in the past year, two nurseries have been installed with have a capacity of 8800 seedlings, comprising of four mangrove species. These seedlings will be planted in the Gulf of Dulce.

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Photo credit: National Park Tortuguero, Costa Rica. Peter Prokosch, GRID-Arendal [link]