The Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project aims to improve our understanding of carbon sequestration and the other ecosystem services that coastal blue carbon ecosystems provide in Abu Dhabi. The project will identify options for the incorporation of these values into policy and management, leading to the sustainable use of these ecosystems and their services preserved for future generations. Experience and knowledge gained from the project will also help guide other national blue carbon projects and international efforts.Coastal habitats provide a myriad of essential ecosystem services. They support fisheries, protect shorelines, provide opportunities for tourism and are important for cultural heritage and identity.

The project concentrates on 5 components that fuse together to achieve the common objectives; to provide Abu Dhabi with the further knowledge and experience of the local coastal habitats to make more sustainable decisions in the future.


The Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project aims to investigate the opportunities in building a local greener Emirate through the better understanding of carbon and coastal ecosystem services and its potential contribution to climate change mitigation efforts.


The Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project empowers the Emirate with robust, quality analysis and methodology to support informed decisions on the well-being of the coastal marine ecosystems for a more sustainable UAE; in turn contributing to the international efforts of Blue Carbon initiatives and its efforts towards our shared global sustainable goals for the future.

Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project Brochure (2756 downloads)

Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project: Brief Overview (2656 downloads)

Project Team

Project Team