Blue Carbon In The Red Sea And Gulf Of Aden: Policy Formulation And Regional Approach

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The assessment of blue carbon policies in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden is a regional initiative in collaboration with UNEP to formulate Blue Carbon policy and to build capacities for streamlining such policies in the region. The regional perspective is based on the region’s particular ecological scope and features, and the regional approach in management of the relevant Red Sea and Gulf of Aden key habitats, as geared by the efforts established by PERSGA and its member states. The study was conducted in eight countries including: Yemen, Abu Dhabi, Somalia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Djibouti.

The main objective of this regional initiative is foundation of Blue Carbon policy and support building capacities for achievement of the Blue Carbon policies in the region.

Specific objectives

  • Policy analysis and assessments for stimulating application of best policies and management practices to strengthen resilience and improve coastal marine ecosystem having potential for Blue Carbon in the region.
  • Develop regional capacities for Blue Carbon assessment and policy implementation in the region
  • Establish synergies/linkages with other global/ regional initiatives on Blue Carbon for exchange of information, expertise and lessons-learned, harmonization, etc. such as UNEP’s blue carbon initiative including the GEF “Blue Forest” project.



Policy analysis:

  • Involve mapping regional and national institutional, legal and policy frameworks relevant to managing coastal ecosystems for climate change related ecosystem services provisioning
  • Identify scope and extent under the legal regime to initiate and further step up blue carbon related work, opportunities and constraints to public financing
  • Elucidate recommendations for coherent and practical follow up action at the regional level

Capacity building:

  • Group training through regional workshops
  • Facilitate a follow up through undertaking a pilot blue carbon assessment in PERGA member states


Biome: Mangroves, Sea grasses and salt marshes

Location: Yemen, Abu Dhabi, Somalia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Djibouti.

Status: Active

Project partners: UNEP and PERSGA


Project Document

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Text by Anne Nyambane, UNEP.

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