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For nearly 50 years, Counterpart International – a global development organization – has been forging partnerships with communities in need to address complex problems related to economic development, food security and nutrition, and building effective governance and institutions.

Counterpart has done groundbreaking work in more than 65 nations worldwide. Today the organisation is widely regarded as an international development pioneer and leader – known best for our unique approach to partnership and capacity building, a commitment to learning and continuous improvement, and a reputation as a responsible steward of funder resources. Their ultimate goal is to have enduring impact– empowering every community the organisations serves with the ability to create lasting change and build true self-reliance (Counterpart International 2012).


In the communities where Counterpart works and on a global scale, the organisation advocates for the importance of coastal zones and the valuable role coastal communities play in our shared future.

Advocating Globally:

Counterpart’s geographic presence, technical expertise and continuing work in ecosystem restoration provides direct relevance to the Blue Carbon Initiative (Marine Climate Change, PDF). Aligning Counterpart’s mission with the priorities of the Blue Carbon, the organisation has forged partnerships with Conservation International and IUCN to enhance its work in (1) protecting key coastal assets, (2) initiating sustainable management practices, and (3) maintaining foods and livelihood security of oceans. This initiative is of critical importance to the work we do in that it will:

  • Elevate the importance of coastal zones in the development context
  • Secure existing ecosystem services for which communities depend on for survival
  • Protect the 3 billion people living on or near coastlines from severe storms
  • Sustain livelihoods for the 500 million people who depend on coastal zones
  • Ensure food security for a population of 9 billion people, expected by 2050
  • Inform policy and decision makers at all levels to better protect our planet

Advancing the Blue Carbon Agenda:

This project will play a major role in making the public more broadly aware of what Blue Carbon is, why it is important, and how a community can work to receive funding through the carbon markets for preserving mangroves, sea grass beds and saltmarshes. This initiative will be broken into three components:

  1. Increase global public awareness on the concept of blue carbon
  2. Provide pilot activities for blue carbon implementation in partnership with industry leaders
  3. Inform the discussion in the climate change and development communities around blue carbon (Counterpart International 2012a)



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