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GRID-Aren­dal is a centre collaborating with the United Na­ti­ons En­viron­ment Pro­gram­me (UN­EP), sup­porting in­for­med de­ci­si­on ma­king and awa­ren­ess-rai­sing.

GRID-Aren­dal aims to pro­mo­te the sus­tainable ma­nage­ment of coas­tal blue car­bon eco­sys­tems through ap­proa­ches fo­cu­sed on cli­ma­te chan­ge ad­apta­ti­on and miti­ga­ti­on, sus­tainable tou­rism, the re­co­gni­ti­on and va­lua­ti­on of coas­tal eco­sys­tem ser­vices, and sus­tainable ma­nage­ment prac­tices.


GRID-Aren­dal has blue car­bon com­pe­ten­cy in the fol­lo­wing are­as:

  • Blue car­bon as­sess­ments
  • In­for­ma­ti­on and edu­ca­ti­on ser­vices
  • Know­ledge and sta­ke­hol­der net­wor­king
  • Ca­pa­ci­ty buil­ding and trai­ning ser­vices

GRID-Aren­dal em­ploys a re­gio­nal ap­proach for blue car­bon, with a fo­cus on ca­pa­ci­ty buil­ding and de­ve­lo­ping coun­tries. We ac­tively ex­plo­re part­nerships and sup­port UN­EP’s mis­si­on and blue car­bon in­itia­ti­ve. Our pre­sent ef­forts in­clu­de an eva­lua­ti­on of what blue car­bon can me­an for the fol­lo­wing re­gi­ons:

  • Asia/Pa­ci­fic (& the Co­ral Tri­ang­le)
  • West and East Af­ri­ca
  • Ara­bi­an Pen­in­su­la




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