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The UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) is a collaboration between the United Nations Environment Programme, the world’s foremost intergovernmental environmental organization, and WCMC, a UK-based charity. UNEP-WCMC is UNEP’s specialist biodiversity assessment arm, and the Centre for UNEP’s collaboration with WCMC.

Our Vision
A world where biodiversity counts

Our Mission
To evaluate and highlight the many values of biodiversity and put authoritative biodiversity knowledge at the centre of decision-making

Our Goal
The Centre’s goal is to provide authoritative, relevant and timely information for countries, Multilateral Environmental Agreements, organizations and companies to use in the development and implementation of their policies and decisions. To help achieve this we aim to be an internationally recognized Centre of Excellence and the partner of choice for the expert synthesis, analysis and dissemination of knowledge about global biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Our Mandate
The international community has acknowledged the role of UNEP-WCMC and has asked us to carry out many critical global functions. In particular, UNEP’s Governing Council has recognised the Centre as UNEP’s specialist biodiversity and assessment arm providing a range of biodiversity-related services to UNEP, governments, Multilateral Environmental Agreements and their constituent party states, and other bodies in the NGO and private sectors.
[Decision GC.22/1/III]


Through the Ocean Data Viewer and online habitat validation tools, UNEP-WCMC provides critical information in support of global blue carbon assessments.

To further support this effort, UNEP-WCMC is helping to improve our understanding of blue carbon resources through the development of a series of innovative online and in-field decision support tools. These tools allow scientists and local experts to use their data to enhance the spatial accuracy of blue carbon habitats and their carbon sequestration potential.

The tools also provide interested users with a unique insight into the carbon sequestration and storage capacity of blue carbon habitats, as well as the amount of additional carbon that could be sequestered through restoration.

Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project

UNEP | WCMC is part of the project partners working on this project under the leadership of GRID-Arendal.



  • Jan-Willem van Bochove : Jan-Willem.VanBochove (at) unep-wcmc.org