If you ha­ve ide­as or a blue car­bon in­itia­ti­ve that you would li­ke to see in­cor­po­ra­ted, or if you would li­ke to contribu­te the BlueCarbonPortal Blog, ad­ver­ti­se a mee­ting, and sha­re new re­sour­ces then we would be very plea­sed to hear from you. Send us an email at: in­fo (at) blue­car­bon­por­tal.org or use the ‘Contact Us’ bar to the right.


Blue car­bon is a new concept that is rapidly growing in the fields of science, conservation and policy. This por­tal has be­en crea­ted to pro­vi­de a central on­line com­mu­ni­ty re­sour­ce and pro­fes­sio­nal net­wor­king tool to in­crea­se ac­cess to in­for­ma­ti­on and trans­pa­ren­cy in this emer­ging concept. This portal pro­vi­des a means whe­re all parties can get in­vol­ved regard­less of lo­ca­ti­on and contribute to a truly coordinated and integrated blue carbon community.

Who for?

The site is for all whom are ac­tively working in or in­te­res­ted in blue car­bon and the ro­le of our coasts and oceans as car­bon sinks – whe­ther it be in the dissemination of publications, an­s­we­ring out­stan­ding re­se­arch ques­ti­ons, dis­cus­sing po­li­cy and ma­nage­ment is­su­es, and in­clu­ding po­ten­ti­al mar­ket ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons.

What is it?

The por­tal brings to­ge­ther the la­test know­ledge and re­sour­ces for blue carbon; it pro­vi­des a cen­tral and accessible lo­ca­ti­on to keep all parties up to date on new re­sults, up­co­m­ing events, and find out who el­se is out the­re that might be tacking si­mi­lar ques­ti­ons and chal­len­ges.